Things I have Learned…

In my journey in midwifery, there have been a great many things I have worked very hard to learn. Like how to deliver a baby, how to stop a hemorrhage, how to recognize a problem and so on. But there are also a great many things I have learned as a midwife that I never really tried to learn, they just came.

For instance:

Few restaurants stay open 24/7… but those that do will be known to all midwives in about a 50 mil radius

How to sleep on… a couch, one half of a couch, one third of a couch, a folding chair, standing against a wall (the one I haven’t mastered yet is how to sleep while driving…)

Sleep deprivation will lead you to believe… that any temperature below 85 degrees is subzero and wish you had a parka

A small car can contain… a spare wardrobe, a mini kitchen, a birth kit, and still have room for 2 assistants, a birth ball and a dehydrated shower

The best time to avoid traffic is… usually between 1 am and 3:30 am, before this the late night traffic is still out, after the morning rush hour has begun

At a homebirth… there will be one area where in the house is too small for a birth, this is the area the mother will birth the baby. It might be a good idea for midwifery schools to start requiring course in acrobatics.

White carpet is always a bad idea…

A fifty cent bottle of hydrogen peroxide can save hundreds of dollars…

Of all the midwifery skills… the skill of doing nothing, may be the hardest to do, to learn and to teach

Nothing beats the moment of… watching a new life emerge into a world welcomed by the love of family, (but some days crawling into bed after a long birth just might be a close second…)