Our Midwifery Care

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, and most expecting parents have many questions. At each prenatal visit, Lisa will carefully answer your questions and concerns while providing the expert clinical care you need during your pregnancy. That’s why each prenatal includes ample time for patient-midwife discussion, listening to the baby’s heartbeat, measuring growth, and allowing you to develop a natural trust in your care provider.

Prenatal care usually involves monthly appointments until your pregnancy reaches 28 weeks, at which time Lisa will begin seeing you bi-weekly until you are 36 weeks along. Then you will begin weekly appointments with Lisa until you deliver. This is Lisa’s typical pregnancy appointment schedule, but the length and spacing of your appointments will vary based on the time you need as an individual because no two pregnancies are exactly alike.

Labor and delivery are special times in every new mother’s life. Lisa will strive to help make this miraculous process everything you desire while still upholding the highest levels of safety for both you and your baby. Because every woman and every pregnancy are unique, Lisa is pleased to offer you the option of birthing in the comfort of your own home or in a homelike birth center.

Lisa will be available to you by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout your entire pregnancy right up to your labor. Once you have reached the homestretch, she will help you evaluate when labor is beginning and what to do, and will come to your home or meet you at the birth center (depending on where you have chosen to give birth). Regardless of your birthing location, Lisa will ensure that the appropriate, standard medical equipment is on hand for your delivery.

Once labor begins, Lisa will assume the role of caretaker that best meets your individual needs, whether that be providing intense labor support, staying in the background until you want her hands-on help, etc. Whatever approach you choose for her, she will closely monitor both mother and baby throughout this process to ensure the greatest level of safety while still allowing labor to progress as God designed. Lisa will encourage you to try a variety of positions during labor, knowing that different positions are helpful to different women and that what works well for an specific mother may change significantly from one pregnancy and labor to the next. She will also encourage you to eat and drink during labor to help you maintain your strength and stamina.

As soon as your baby is born, he or she will be given directly to you. Knowing that you will remember the first moments of baby’s life the rest of your life, Lisa endeavors to keep these moments sacred and joyful while still giving your baby the best care possible.

Our Fee

At Due Rewards Midwifery, our goal is to keep Lisa’s midwifery services affordable for as many families as possible while still ensuring the best care available. We accept most forms of insurance, but because insurance polices vary greatly from one insurance company to the next, please call us at (214) 632-8585 so that we can evaluate your individual policy. We also realize that many families do not have maternity insurance, and we offer competitive pricing for cash-pay patients as well.