Due Rewards Midwifery Academy

Taught by Certified Professional Midwife Lisa Thomas, the Due Rewards Midwifery Academy is an online continuing education program designed with the busy midwife’s schedule in mind.

Watch each of our four classes at your own convenience, pausing and re-listening as needed if a laboring mom should call.

In addition to receiving applicable information for your midwifery practice, and the ability to contact Lisa with questions, you will also be gaining important Continuing Education Units — all without missing a labor!

The Due Rewards Midwifery Academy offers four important classes on midwifery-related topics: A Change of Heart, The Obstetric Panel, Preeclampsia, and Pregnancy and the Thyroid.

Each class includes an online discussion board for students to ask Lisa questions that may arise as you make your way through the class. Because these classes build on both new and established midwifery, they are beneficial to aspiring as well as experienced midwives.

Learn more, register now, and start taking your online training today!

Meet the Instructor

After receiving her Certified Professional Midwife certificate and Texas midwifery license in 2006, Lisa served as the Apprenticeship Director for Family Birth Services for 5 years. She remains actively involved in the program, and has been instrumental in training many students there over the years. Lisa’s love of teaching is known throughout many circles as she delights in making abstract facts concrete and practical to daily midwifery.

During her early years as a midwife, Lisa spent many hours researching lab values and developing her research into a plan of action. As she continued learning, Lisa was able to apply her research to her daily practice in midwifery as well as pass this information on to others. From this experience she developed her first class, “Understanding Lab Values”. Lisa began teaching this first class in 2007, and it has been in demand ever since. Her life as a busy midwife and preceptor enabled her to gain case studies and continue her passion of learning and developing new courses over the years. Practicing midwives and midwifery students alike benefited from the hands-on approach of her teaching blended with case studies to translate the information into a practical course of action for out-of-hospital midwifery.

Lisa has spoken for midwifery groups in three different states, and has developed online courses for Continuing Education. She continues to serve as a midwife and preceptor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Lisa received a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from the North Tennessee Bible Institute in 2006.